Nelly Bentlonar’s Commitment Paper

If you’re here it’s probably because you’re having trouble making a man commit, and you’re all out of answers.

Maybe you’re uncertain if he’ll ever take it to the next level, or if he’s even interested in you anymore. Being in a relationship is great, but it’s quite a tragedy when a man fails to commit to a woman after because of a simple mistake. But there’s no need to worry, it’s possible to make your man commit, as long as you know what you’re doing AND what you shouldn’t be doing. Bear with me for a while, as we go through s typical scenario that might sound familiar…

You’ve had a great relationship with a guy, maybe for months, years, and you truly thought he was the one. But after a while, the feelings of love became mixed. For some reason he begins pulling away, and instead of worshipping you and making you his priority as he did for so long, now he says he’s busy or that it just isn’t the right time for him. You may rationalize that all guys act like this and he’s just going through a phase. After all it happens to every woman, right?

This thought process can be threatening to your relationship, especially if you don’t know what to do next.

As time passes by, you may notice that this so called “phase” keeps getting longer, and that spark isn’t there anymore. Without even knowing it, you might even begin to get into little fights now and again, why doesn’t he just take the next step? If nothing is done, or worse yet, you make the same mistakes so many women make, you may lose him forever.

Things like this can spiral downwards pretty fast, especially if you’re in a sort of relationship crisis. Even if you’re not, you still stand the risk of him silently drifting away, as if he’s created a shell around him and won’t let you in. The ups and downs may become more and more extreme, “this happens in every relationship” is the common though. But why won’t he commit?

Of course, there’s different levels to all of this, from the simple “I’m busy now” routine, to the devastating blow of breaking up. During all of this, fear and worry are emotional feedback loops which are not necessarily bad per se, but can be dangerous if you let them take over. It’s long been joked about the fact that men will never understand women. But the same can be said about women understanding men.

You may make it through the rough patches, and carry on with your relationship, but deep inside you know something’s not right. Maybe those feeling of love or having a deep bond are no longer present, and you’ve both decided to settle for a mediocre existence, when you just KNOW that you can have so much more. Even if you haven’t been for THAT long with a guy, you might still want him to commit. After all you truly believe he’s your soulmate and there’s more potential for love.

So, what do most women resort to? Well they get the same old advice that everyone else is getting from friends and family, which we all know doesn’t work. You might even venture through the internet looking for answers. You might find lots of advice about how to get an ex back or how to save a marriage, but what you’re looking for goes beyond that: how do you wake him up and realize that you’re the only woman for him to love forever?

Unlike many “getting ex back, or saving marriage guides”, there aren’t a lot of help-guides about this very specific situation. And the few that you might find may just sound too good to be true, or don’t click with your own situation. You may have already gone ahead and even paid for one of these guides, only to be left disappointed.

If you’ve searched for enough of these guides, it can become problematic. Information overload, confusion and doubt may set in.

Now then, within this sea of guides, books, videos, courses and programs you may have come across Carlos Cavallo’s Forever Yours. Another BS guide, right? Hold on for a moment, if you do a little research you can find out that he’s a recognized author as well as a relationship expert who’s been around the block for a good while.

On that note, I’d like to mention that I’m not going to hide the fact that I’ll be compensated if you think that this program can help you find your own answers. If you think that it can help you with your relationship goals, I will get compensated, but you may have already known about that. Look, the most important thing is that you get the answers you need, even if it’s not with this program. There’s no such thing as the perfect answer for everyone.

The thing that makes this program different from the rest is that Carlos is solely focused on one thing and ONE THING only: How to make a man commit to you and THAT’S IT. If you’re intrigued by this, you might even dig a little deeper and even read stories about many women, from different places and different backgrounds, who have all managed to be in a committed relationship by using his “secret password” technique. It’s no surprise that for many of them it changed their lives forever.

You can at least try watching the first few minutes of the video on his website if you’re curious. Heck, you’ll probably end up watching the whole thing. It’s simple to understand that getting a man to commit to a relationship always comes down to the same thing.

In fact, tou’re not the only one, countless women go through the same exact thing (with a difference here and there of course), but it’s all about patterns and footsteps that anyone can follow to get what they want. Putting it in other words: Carlos has elegantly taken the universal collective thought processes and actions necessary for any woman to make a man realize that they are already with their soul mate and could miss out if they don’t commit… it’s hard to explain if you don’t see it for yourself.

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The you may start to notice that HE becomes the one that starts looking for a commitment from you.

It’s as if Carlos is handing you the formula for you to uncover “his secret password” (that’s what he calls it), the key to feel like you both are falling in love all over again, working under a proven and solid psychological foundation which has been tested, and proven: again, and again.

Look, this system has helped thousands of women make their men realize what they have, and not want to let go of it. Yes, there’s hope for everybody, you’re not a “special case”, and a clear proven pathway, may just be your best chance.

Whatever you decide, never ever lose hope, if you truly think he’s your soulmate – there’s no other possible ending:)

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Nelly Bentlonar